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About MediSing

Digital Singing Solutions for people living with Parkinson's

Group singing for people living with health conditions, such as lung health, Parkinson's or chronic pain, has been found to benefit some of the symptoms of these health issues. Regular group singing sessions can increase wellbeing for the participants living with chronic conditions.

However, some participants find it difficult to travel to the sessions whilst others would like to practice more regularly between weekly meetings. MediSing is using digital technologies to bring the benefits of these group singing sessions to participants remotely. Currently focusing on people living with Parkinson’s, our two projects are online singing classes as well as developing an interactive singing app for people living with Parkinson's.

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My Story

I am Nicola Wydenbach, a classically trained and experienced vocal leader. In 2014, I began working with people living with Parkinson's using singing as tool to help address some of the symptoms of this debilitating long term neurological condition. Clinical studies have shown that regular singing can improve vocal volume/quality and breathing issues, as well as boosting social connection and mental wellbeing. 

I have run several Parkinson’s singing groups in London as well as set up groups for Trinity Laban . In my role as Director of Training for Sing to Beat I have trained over 100 other singing leaders to work with people with Parkinson's to set up their own groups in their local communities. I also have co-authored a book Singing for People with Parkinson's with Dr. Trish Vella-Burrowsd. 

Above all, I am passionate that everyone who is diagnosed with Parkinson's has access to singing classes, and the many health and wellbeing benefits they offer. 


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